Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wiki? Wiki. Wiki!

Many thanks for Mr. Jensen/Buckley for the comment on the first post. I saw a tweet of his earlier (you can follow him - @firemeboy) and realized that a wiki would be of utmost importance for this collaborative process.

I'm extremely occupied with a short story of my own at the moment (I had fits and fits of inspiration today - three cheers for sleeping in and resting the ol' noggin!), but I'll discuss the wiki idea more tomorrow. Many thanks for the concept.

And if you happen to stop by here, again, please note things are still in the publicity/recruitment status for the most part, but if you have more general ideas (again, see Mr. Jensen/Buckley's comment on the first post re: a dinner/murder story) I'd love to hear them. For the record, I'm quite intrigued by that thought.

So, like I said, more to come soon.

Oh, and the word for tomorrow's #poetryassignment is "cathedral." - Looking forward to some poems! That's something else to get more people in on, for sure!

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