Saturday, December 20, 2008

so, yeah... the status of novelaborate.

Yes, I actually am being serious about Novelaborate. I know posts have been infrequent but here's why: I'm marinating on some ideas and questions I have about things, before this meeting I described last post, with Emil Kang, and before things really get rolling.

A few people, via Twitter and other blogs and e-mail, have shown interest in being involved, and after a little more time spent on getting people together, we'll talk for the first time about the actual story - the writing style, the way we go about co-authoring, etc. - and start the actual project going.

So for a bit longer, sit tight. I'll try to entertain with other things, but feel free to contact me or have your friends contact me at if you or anyone you know is interested.

And happy winter solstice, everyone.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A meeting with the master awaits

So I decided I needed more help with getting the word about the Novelaborate project out.

Again, for the uninitiated, check out the first few blog posts to see how I want to get people together collaborating on one work of creative writing.

I realized a few days ago, however, that I was not taking advantage of a crucial source of advice right in my own backyard of Chapel Hill. I have contacted Emil Kang, UNC-Chapel Hill Executive Director for the Arts and head of Carolina Performing Arts. Emil is the go-to guy for most any arts related queries one might have in Chapel Hill, and an extensively knowledgeable, authoritative source for me when I worked as arts editor at the Daily Tar Heel.

So at some point in January I will be meeting with him to seek his advice on getting the word out, as well as, I hope, some advice on the project itself, be that contact information for people who would be willing to be involved or get people involved, or anything else.

I will obviously update on this afterward, and it is not for a little while longer, so sit tight, but this might be one of the best opportunities yet to get this all going together stronger and faster.


And on a side note, please check out the Web site for PoetryAssignment, located at! Contribute your poetry today! It is already becoming a great community of poets who are sharing some wonderful work!