Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wiki = up and running!

Hey everyone (I feel like I can assume more than one person has dropped by? I hope? :-D),

As promised, I looked into some wiki sites today, and found ZohoWiki - a seemingly user-friendly, reasonable one to use for Novelaborate's purposes.

Check it out here! I have a test page up if anyone wants to just mess around or say hello or whatnot.

Obviously, this is where most of the creative process will happen. And once that starts, this blog will be more of a home base for discussion; a headquarters if you will. And I'll try and keep my personal stuff to somewhat of a minimum at first, to stay organized, but as you can see, I like to post some writings like #poetryassignment stuff.

So, yeah, go wild! And start to recruit people (or start, if you're just coming by for the first time)!



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