Monday, December 1, 2008

I would be remiss to leave out these details

A few bits of information that I realized I should probably share before I go to bed and set the wheels in motion for good:

I had thoughts about how to foster the growth of this project once people start noticing it:
-Online chats/forums to discuss things - Once I get people involved, I will set up a Web site to discuss every last little aspect of the story, so everyone can easily contribute. But for now, leave comments, e-mail me, MySpace or Facebook me, etc.
-Networking between contributors - once we get our army of writers/contributors, those who would like to have a method of contact to be publicized or shared will be listened to. I'll set up a list of some sort for those people so contributors can collaborate together to more easily share ideas.
-Storyboard - I'd also like to set up a thematic, well-organized place to put down ideas that people come up with. A list of ideal characters, settings, plot elements, etc. This will be forthcoming.
-Other ideas - I also think it would be cool to have a place for all contributors to share their other work - writings, published works, Web sites, blogs, etc. Inspiration can come from those places, too - it doesn't have to all be completely new ideas. I'm sure there's already loads of great stuff out there that can be taken into consideration.

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