Friday, December 5, 2008

Wiki update and #poetry assignment

So since I'm not on my own computer (haven't been for the past week because I'm at my aunt's house in Virginia); I can't download files for MediaWiki, which I've been advised is superior to other wikis and more popular. But I might switch over when I'm back in Chapel Hill. Update when possible... probably will be back home on Tuesday.

Today's #poetryassignment word is phone book:

i saw you by chance today
sipping a latte on the patio
of a tiny cafe
at 18th and main
looking as cute as i remembered you
the same red shoes i recall from before
matching your scarlet jacket
the one i got you two christmases ago
the sparkle in your eye said you liked it
when we passed by the store window that day
you sat alone
"the stranger" by camus in your hand
your expertly polished nails
flipping the pages between sips
your lipstick staining the lid
swiftly i made my way home
flurries in the air
made the landscape look
like a pristine renoir
i looked you up in the phone book
after i got to my humble apartment
and draped my green sweater
across the back of the couch
to see if by chance you were listed
i found you
i wish i had the nerve to call...

i hope that's not too cheesy?

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Heather said...

Not cheesy! I love the little details!