Friday, December 12, 2008

Some word games before I make word gains (I hope)

So the other day, a buddy of mine and I were talking on AIM about word games. We are both obsessed with them, they’re super time killers, etc.

So if you’re alone in your car on the drive home from work today, or you’re in church, or at a really lame concert (actually, no. Wow - that really would have to be one hell of a lame concert), you can try some of the ones we discussed. Some require other people (you have friends, right? Isn’t that what Facebook and Twitter and blogging are for?)

a.) Try to make a sentence (or several - go as long as you can!) by having one person say a word. Whatever letter that word ends with, the next word that the other person then adds must start with the same letter.

Example that makes little sense: (You can go quickly and make it ridiculous or slower and try and make a super long sentence. Person a in bold, person b in italics, person 3 regular):

Blogging gets so overrated daily! You understand dudes seldom make even nickels starting grassroots sites, so orate elsewhere!

b.) Try this weird rhyme scheme. It is a good bit more difficult game. Start with a two syllable word. That is your first line. Then follow with four more syllables on the next line, where every other syllable matches the corresponding syllable of the first word, repeat repeat repeat. But you have to make a coherent rhyme. See how far you can go!

Another silly almost nonsensical but good enough to get the point across example: (corresponding syllables divided by / for emphasis on structure)

Mu /sic
Can you / dance, Dick?
All men / who do / wear pants / and kick

Clear? Mu rhymes with Can you, Sic rhymes with Dance, Dick
Can rhymes with all men, you rhymes with who do, dance rhymes with wear pants, and Dick rhymes with the last two words, and kick.

It can take a while, but we actually did make a really good one. Just be prepared to not end up at all how you started!

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